“A young ambitious stable for breeding and trade in showjumpers, hunters and equitation horses “

This is how we would like to describe Hoeve de Schans.

We have a small selection of horses at our barn but also can help you find a suitable horse from other barns in Holland or surrounding countries like Germany and Belgium.
After having received the selection criteria for your future horse, we will make a selection of horses that suits your wishes.
We will offer you a selection from the best horses all over Holland.
We work with a set commission percentage and are open and honest in our trade of horses and will help you find the top-class horse you are looking for.
We also can help you with vetting, transportation and paperwork.

Our breeding program realizes your next winner!
We select our breeding mares on a number of criteria, but the main one is the performances in the equestrian sport.
We therefore breed with mares who themselves or in their direct dam-line delivered interesting sport performances.

The choice of a stallion is based on his cooperative temperament, character, body balance, athletic ability, the performance of the stallion and his dam line.
But of course, we look at the exterior and constitution of stallions in order to achieve the best choice for each mare.

The mare will always be the starting point in our search for a stallion. “What does this mare need and where can she be supplemented by a stallion”, only then we look for a suitable stallion.

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